Pricing Plan

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Flexible pricing options for freelancers
and design teams.

Basic Package

$299 / month
$299 / month
  • 300 Ads Posting/month
  • 10 Ads Daily
  • Daily Report
  • Graphics Design

Standard Package

$849 / month
$849 / month
  • 900 Ads Posting/month
  • 30 Ads Daily
  • Daily Report
  • Free Graphics Design

Premium Package

$1099 / month
$1099 / month
  • 1200 Ads Posting/month
  • 40 Ads Daily
  • Daily Report
  • Free Graphics Design
Pricing Plan

Frequently asked questions

Please read our F&Q section to find out more about our services.

If you do not need monthly posting. We can help you set up a pay-per-ads post for you. Our minimum ad purchase is 10 ads for $30. You can use that 10 ads to post in any city on any day. Please email us, at goodpost50@gmail.Com. We can set it up for you.

NO. We create our own account & PVA. You will just have to provide us with the details for the ads.

We can post every single day. Our month package will offer you posting every single day for a month.

It will depend on the ad package you will buy. We can offer as much as you need per day.

YES. We can post ads in any city in the united states

YES. We offer postings in multiple categories.

You can locate the ads by searching the area where it was posted. Or we will send you daily link reports. You can see the ads just by clicking on the links.

Do I Have To Create My Own Ad Body And Titles?

We can post one free sample ad for you for some categories. After that full payment is required upfront. Then we will start working on the ads.

YES. On the monthly ads campaign, we do not post new ads every single day. We renew the ads every single day. We always count renewal ads as one ad.

We will start the ads on the same or the next day. We will start within 24 hours.

As with the monthly package, your ads will run for 30 days. Then you will have to order another package.

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